2012 Red Bull Dakar Rally
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If you're not familiar with the Dakar Rally, this was formerly known as the "Paris to Dakar Rally" and contrary to what you may have thought, the Dakar is actually an extreme off-road endurance race laid out across several countries in South America spanning from Mar Del Plata along the Southern Atlantic coast of South America, to Lima Peru along the Pacific Coast of South America. The race which was first organized in 1978 went from Paris, France, to Dakar, Senegal, but the course was later changed due to security threats.

"The Dakar" as it's now commonly referred to as assembles categories of racing from motorcycles, to quads, to full size trucks and has been dubbed as: "The World's Toughest Rally Raid" for a good reason. It's not just the terrain and distance here that's a problem...
The Competition is Fierce with Off-Road Legends Stacking the Field.

In the 2012 Dakar, these athletes are tested in stages covering relatively short distances to marathons upwards of 500+ miles per day while covering terrain and obstacles you may find in any Enduro including river crossings, sand, mud and rocks, but here it goes on for 5000+ miles / 9000km and for 14 days!!

With the Dakar Rally experiencing extreme and often punishing conditions including long desert distances and heat, the conditions of this Rally-Raid will certainly test the fitness of a rider, the preparation of a team including the mechanical soundness of a machine while following the Andes Mountain Range and crossing the Atacama enroute to Chile and then Peru. (Although heavily modified for this race, This is on a 450cc Dirt Bike Remember.)

Cyril Despres Competing in The Dakar

The Dakar, which now spans vast terrain across South America is a race to keep an eye on as this 14 day endurance race and test of man and machine each year draws some of the very best talent in long distance motorcycling including highly recognizable names such as the Red Bull French favorite to always win Cyril Despres aboard his tricked out Red Bull KTM 450, but whats even more exciting is that in 2012 Cyril will be competing with former rival Marc Coma under the same Red Bull Tent!

Remember... These guys are on the gas for 14 days!! To witness the energy between two past rivals of Rally-Raids from days past now competing on the same team, or to simply keep up with Red Bull KTM's efforts on this challenge, as well as see more pictures & video from the race, be sure to check out:
Red Bull's Feed From the 2012 Dakar

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