2016 Honda Trike Conversion Kit
Dade City, Florida

Picture of A 2016 Honda Trike Conversion Kit
Thumbnail Image of 2016 Honda Trike Conversion Kit
Thumbnail Image of 2016 Honda Trike Conversion Kit
Thumbnail Image of 2016 Honda Trike Conversion Kit
Thumbnail Image of 2016 Honda Trike Conversion Kit

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Here's More About It:

RICHLAND ROADSTER MOTORCYCLE TRIKE CONVERSION KIT FOR HONDA. COLOR MATCHED TO YOUR MOTORCYCLE. Conversion Kit fits most makes and models including HARLEY DAVIDSON, KAWASKI, MOTO GUZZI, SUZUKI, YAMAHA. Your motorcycle will handle like a whole new DREAM RIDE with the added freedom, safety and utility delivered by this deluxe hand crafted RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit with modern styling from TRIKE ON AMERICA. It comes complete with a confidence-inspiring relaxed ride and so many impressive standard features. You'll find yourself riding so much more often, no doubt, and taking longer road trips too, because you'll use much less of your physical energy. The innovative Richland Roadster design fits Honda, Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Victory, Yamaha, Suzuki, and most motorcycles in fact. The Richland Roadster will be custom manufactured for your individual bike and will seem like it came from the factory, fresh and new. This smooth ride is the result of incorporating SIDE CAR technology into the RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit suspension. Each side is independent, as if you had left side and right side mounted side cars. If you run up on a curb or uneven pavement all wheels will remain on the ground. Patented High Performance Energy Suppression Bushings in conjunction with forward mounted torsion bars help provide the road flattening flex you need to achieve this kind of smooth responsive experience. Also... because of this side car technology, where we don't alter the rear suspension of the bike, an easy steer or rake is not necessary, saving you additional hundreds. On kits like the Voyager or Two Pac, because they hitch to the rear axle, your front wheel will want to go straight, so it plows thru the turns and it's very difficult to remain under control. Hence the need for an expensive easy steer or rake on those brands. This sale does not include the bike. This RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kit comes standard with full sized 15 inch 40,000 mile automotive tires and custom, very light weight, 5 spoke polished aluminum wheels. It also is complete with a lighting system that features LED lights, resulting in greater visibility and safety on the road. Remember, LED lights also use the least amount of energy, so this bike's factory electrical system is more than sufficient. OH, it comes with Running Boards too. These are robust and magnificent. It makes it very safe and easy for getting on and off the bike. You won't accidentally put your foot down and have the trike kit run over your heels like you could with the Voyager or Tow Pac. You know that has to be painful! You'll be starting out with the best. You won't have to settle for a Voyager with its low slung belly pan that gouges speed bumps and loading ramps, or the Tow Pac, with its very small wheels and tires that makes you bike look like an elephant on tip toes. Check it out - these brands do not have the advanced features of the Richland Roadster. This price of $3790 is just about $1500 less than comparable kits because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, who just happen to be Authentic Country Boys in Florida. You know that's SMART. No dealer mark-up. The price we advertise is the price... it includes absolutely everything. We don't start adding for wiring harnesses or paint or hitch receivers or full sized wheel and tires.... you get the complete kit. Beware of the manufacturers that advertise a low price, then become experts at explaining why the advertised price is not the price. However, these savings are a double edged sword. Because of the custom nature of the build, all sales are final, returns are not accepted. Warranty work is performed in our Florida Facility only and shipping is not included. Pick up, (because I enjoy a good road trip) installation, and return delivery if your bike is in Florida or South Georgia can be arranged for only $1.00 a mile or shipping in most areas of the country is about $350.00. Now that's REASONABLE! We do have a special that includes shipping... call for details before ordering... You can see addition photos and get a lot more information at richlandtrikes.com, or trikesbyjohnnyray.com, or richlandroadster.com. If you want to arrange a test ride call me. And yes, this ad is for the KIT ONLY. However, we do have ready-to-ride motorcycles with a RICHLAND ROADSTER Motorcycle Trike Conversion Kits already installed available; visit our Trike On Showcase in Dade City, Florida and take a test ride before you buy. You can see more photos and get more information about the Richland Roadster - google Trike On America Home... it's that simple. I'm JOHNNY RAY RICHLAND and my number is 352-567-1985. I'm looking forward to meeting and working with you soon. Thanks!!!JOHNNY RAY RICHLAND cell 352 567 1985 Call any time. TRIKE ON!!!

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

Dade City » Florida » 33525

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