2017 Honda MONTESA COTA 4RT 259
Dallas, Texas

Picture of A 2017 Honda MONTESA COTA 4RT 259
Thumbnail Image of 2017 Honda MONTESA COTA 4RT 259
Thumbnail Image of 2017 Honda MONTESA COTA 4RT 259
Thumbnail Image of 2017 Honda MONTESA COTA 4RT 259
Thumbnail Image of 2017 Honda MONTESA COTA 4RT 259

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Here's More About It:

BUY IT NOW I purchased this trials bike new in January 2017 and I have only rode it about 5 hours. It's absolutely like new! This Montesa is an unbelievable machine and very hard to find. Very few of these Montesa's are delivered to the U.S. each year. If you are into trials riding you know how awesome this bike is and how rare it is. I am selling this bike as a complete turn-key complete package including the items listed below: 1. Ultimate X hauler; attach to a trailer hitch and easily haul your bike to your favorite riding area 2. Montesa seat especially made for this bike - easy on and off - trail bike to trials bike just like that! 3. SIDI trials boots - size 11 4. Airoh light weight trials helmut - medium 5. Malcom Smith Racing pants - size 40 6. Fox - combo knee/shin guards 7. Honda jersey - size XXL 8. Honda gloves - large size 9. Race stand 10. Plastic Gas can with mounting bracket for the Ultimate X Hauler (see side view of bike mounted on hauler on back of Jeep) For more information contact Bob: 214-213-2555 Pickup Only in Dallas, Texas

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

Dallas » Texas » 75230

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