2002 Kawasaki KX 500
Redmond Oregon

Picture of A 2002 Kawasaki KX 500
Thumbnail Image of 2002 Kawasaki KX 500
Thumbnail Image of 2002 Kawasaki KX 500
Thumbnail Image of 2002 Kawasaki KX 500
Thumbnail Image of 2002 Kawasaki KX 500
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Here's More About It:

I am selling my Like new 2002 Kawasaki KX500 2 stroke machine. These bikes are legend and becoming a hot item for anyone who wants one of the most advanced 500 two stroke bikes ever made. I bought this bike years ago for my collection from the original owner, he had kept it in his living room! It is that nice. I rode it once and then developed a few medical conditions and never rode it again. I take my old Suzuki RMX250 out now for trail rides and the Kawasaki KX500 has just been sitting on a stand, with the tires off the ground, and no load on the suspension, covered up with a sheet. The bike looks Like New, the only blemish is small part of the gas tank decal on the right side that came off (or a gas bubble) and the original owner put black tape on to cover the spot. There are no tears in the seat. The bike has a new gold chain and sprockets. The rear tire has never touched or pounded the rear fender, and the bike has never seen a Motocross track. I would guess it has only 4-5 hours on it, due to the condition of the original tires, the lack of wear marks on the frame, and overall condition of the bike. When I got the bike it still had the original front and rear tires, they were like new, but due to their age I replaced them about a year ago with new Dunlop tires. They really made the bike look like new again, I also added Renthal handle bars and grips too, and the bike has not been rode since. Due to my injuries and age. I have decided to let several of my bikes go. The lower frame rails are like new and not all flattened or crushed (see picture) The bike has never had numbers on it or raced. The frame paint has NOT been touched up! the wear you see is actual low use. The bike has never been wrecked the radiators are straight and like new, not crushed and twisted up like most KX500's. The bike does not leak a drop! The front forks and rear shock work as they should and the seals do not leak. The engine starts right up and runs crisp. The motor is bone stock and has never been apart, nor does it need too because of the low time of the bike. This KX500 has never had a paddle tire on it or been to the sand dunes. The stock exhaust pipe is like new. Hell the bike is like new! Brake pads have no wear, all I can say is everything is like new and to look at the pictures and see for yourself. There are few KX500's in this condition and this bike would be good for a garage queen, track or desert. The wheels are straight the spokes shiny, the front of the forks are not pitted and the bike has never been roosted or abused! There is NO TITLE for the bike, I do have the owners manual the purchase paperwork for the bike. This bike did not have a title due to a divorce and the title being lost. I ran the numbers at Motor vehicle and it is clean. you can do the same. In Oregon you do not need a title for a off road sticker just the VIN number, so it did not matter to me. Ebay does not give you a No Title option so I chose the clear title option since nothing came up on the motor vehicle check and I have the purchase paper work and manual, and axle stand. I am selling off several bikes in my collection due to my old age and old body (mid 50's). This would be a good use for your tax refund!!! or Rainy day account. Or just to have the baddest dirt bike ever made! These bikes have won numerous Motocross championships, off road and desert titles. I know a good shipper that runs the NW and SW states if shipping is a concern. Google, trailerdan dot com Thank You

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

City » Redmond

State » Oregon

Postal Code » 97756

Country » United States

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