1970 BSA Lightning 650
Canton, Georgia

Picture of A 1970 BSA Lightning 650
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Here's More About It:

SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR MORE VINTAGE CAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES   Further cleanout of surplus vintage cars, motorcycles and parts: ANOTHER BARN FIND. This is a no reserve auction and the BSA will be sold regardless of price, on or off auction. GENERAL DESCRIPTION:   This particular auction is for an original authentic, good running, correct matching numbers, low mileage, original paint 1970 BSA Lightning 650 motorcycle as shown. Produced in February of 1970. A fine example of a one owner unmolested survivor. I purchased it from the original owner who bought it brand new in 1970 in New York. (right, I am technically the 2nd owner). He rode it very little and the last time it was used was in New York in 1983 - see the New York safety inspection sticker on the left fork leg. He moved to Florida in 1984 and stored the motorcycle in his brothers garage and died soon after and I bought the motorcycle from his brother. It has been stored in a climate controlled garage and not used since 1983. I do not enjoy selling this motorcycle. I covet originality and especially BSA's. I personally think they are one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever designed. Am too old to ride now and love looking at it but it should be in the possession of someone who loves these bikes and will use it. I will answer all email questions and take additional photos of any specific area on request. ENGINE:    Runs extremely well, smooth and quiet. No smoke, no noises, no clunks, no bangs. Starts easily and runs as normal with the ignition key. Has the original dual point ignition, original Lucas coils. All original pieces are there and all numbers match - nothing is mismatched. Engine has been rotated over the years - nothing has ever been frozen. It was started last week for the first time since 1983 - Started right up, no smoke, no noise, no problems - with the exception of having a small puddle of oil come out of the bottom of the engine somewhere after it was shut down. Since then it has not leaked any oil anywhere while on it's center stand. I did replace all oil in the engine, gearbox and primary chain case and perhaps overfilled it somewhere - perhaps not - your call - anyway, no oil leaks at this time. I installed new spark plugs. Plug threads are excellent - nothing stripped. Fine engine. FUEL TANK AND CARBURETORS   The fuel tank is the original, with the original factory paint - it is solid and has been cleaned out with fresh 90 octane ethanol free gas put in. There are a couple of small paint chips and a couple of very minor dings hardly worth mentioning for a bike of this originality and age. The petcocks are the originals and the original old cork was replaced with nitrile O rings....the O rings work and don't leak but they are tight and it is hard to open the valves. Original carburetors went missing many years ago and so I bought brand new same type/model Amals and installed them a couple of weeks ago. Amal L930 and R930. Boxes and brochures are included. I installed new throttle cables. The fuel lines are the original petrified plastic hoses, which have turned black from age/fuel - they work but should be replaced. TRANSMISSION AND CLUTCH:   After startup I ran the bike up and down our country road for about 2 miles. Everything worked fine, better than expected after the long term storage. All gears worked well - the clutch worked well. I installed a new clutch cable. CHASSIS:   All original - original paint with some minor chips. No damage. Chrome is original. Old but good condition for it's age. Rear fender on the trailing edge just below the license plate mount has a very small crack as shown in one photo.   EXHAUST:   1970 original mufflers and pipes in very solid condition with a couple of minor dings and some battery acid discoloration streaks. Perfect factory sound. INSTRUMENTS AND LIGHTING:   The instruments are all original and in excellent condition. The speedometer works fine. It shows 12,590 miles which the brother said is indeed correct. The tachometer itself and the cable work fine but the tach drive coming out of the case is broken at it's tip (common) and will need replacing. ALL lights work, including the instrument lighting and the indicator lights in the Lucas headlight bucket and high and low beam. The ammeter and the generator work fine. WHEELS AND TIRES:   Front wheel is the excellent original marked WM 2.19 Jones 37 1230. Rear wheel is the excellent original marked WM 3.10 Jones 42 6371. (These numbers should be correct or close - some are difficult to read). The rear tire is the original old petrified Dunlop Gold Seal K70. 4:00 X 18 made in Great Britain - good tread but of course needs to be replaced. The front tire is a new unused Dunlop D404F. The original owner was going to replace both tires but only got around to replacing the front.....this one is probably an old tire also but still new and useable. PAINT AND STICKERS:   Has not been repainted. The original factory blue paint is still fairly shiny and decent looking but has some chips and scratches. The stickers shown on the bike in the photos are the originals and not replacements - replacement stickers come with the bike as shown in one photo - some may be new old stock, in which case I would question if they will still stick. The manufacturers sticker shows that the motorcycle was produced in February of 1970.    BRAKES AND SUSPENSION:   Both front and rear brakes work well - nothing has been done to them or modified. The fork and shocks are good original and seem to work well. BATTERY:   A new battery is included. It is not fastened down but there are two BSA rubber battery bungees that go with it - I just don't know how to fasten the battery to them. There may be a small battery fastening clip missing.   MOTOR AND FRAME NUMBERS:      Engine number is A65LA7648Y. Frame number is the same - A65LA7648Y, indicating a correct matching numbers 1970 BSA Lightning. SEAT:    The original seat and upholstery are in excellent condition - one very small divot on the left rear at the bottom where it curls up under the seat frame - hardly worth mentioning. PAPERWORK:     No title. Bill of sale only - New York did not issue vehicle titles until 1972.  No title is NEEDED in most states now on a vehicle this old. Most states will register old collector vehicles and issue license plates with a bill of sale only WITHOUT a title. Check the DMV in your state. Personally, I don't care if I have a title or not, as long as I have a bill of sale and can register the bike, get license plates and put it on the road legally. Georgia is this way for instance.  If ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY I can register the bike in Georgia and obtain plates and a Georgia registration, which would probably be enough for you to get what you want in the state you live in. This will cost you extra because it is a pita. Call the sheriffs department and get them to come out inspect the bike and issue a signed inspection certificate which I would then have to take to my insurance company and get the bike insured (pay for it) and get an insurance certificate (which is no fun in itself). Then take both documents to the Georgia DMV and obtain a Georgia registration and buy license plates. (which is much less fun if you have ever dealt with the DMV and it's lines) This could cost you up to a couple hundred $$. Again, check your DMV - a "title" is something I don't care about anymore but some people do.      MISCELLANEOUS:   As of this writing various motorcycle valuing organizations list this motorcycle anywhere from $5500 to $7500 for average condition. This motorcycle is far above average condition. INSPECTION OF MOTORCYLE:   Inspections are welcome and encouraged at any time before the auction ends. SHIPPING:   Shipping or collecting the motorcycle is the buyers responsibility. I will be glad to assist with loading. PAYMENT & BIDDING:   Contact me if you have less than 5 feedbacks or your bid will be cancelled and you will be locked out of my auctions. A $500 non refundable deposit via Paypal is due immediately after the auction closes. The balance is due within 3 days via wire transfer, priority or overnight mail with a bank cashiers check or personal check. No Paypal for the balance. Full payment is to be made IN ADVANCE of collecting the motorcycle. IN ADVANCE, BEFORE YOU COLLECT THE MOTORCYCLE - This is an auction and you have plenty of time to inspect the motorcycle personally or have a 3rd party inspect it - inspections are welcome and encouraged. Winning the auction does not mean that you now have the privilege of coming to inspect the motorcycle to see if you like the color. When the auction is over, it is yours and payment is due at the close of the auction per these instructions. The motorcycle is at my home and can be left here for up to 30 days at no charge before collection. After that I have the option of charging a storage fee. I have sold approximately 25 cars and motorcycles on ebay and they were all a bargain.   SEE MY OTHER AUCTIONS FOR MORE VINTAGE CAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES AJS BMW Bridgestone BSA Bultaco Can Am Carabella CCM CZ Dalesman DKW Ducati Harley Davidson Hercules Hodaka Husky Husqvarna Indian Jawa KTM Laverda Maico Montesa Moto Guzzi Villa M V Augusta MZ Norton Villiers Ossa Penton Puch Rickman Rokon Royal Enfield Sachs Triumph Cagiva Enduro SWM Zundapp Moto Beta Aprilia VMX combat wombat thunderdog Ace 100 pabatco Moto Morini Vincent Brough Sunbeam Golden Star Victor Star Sports Starfire Goldstar Shooting Star Cyclone Royal Spitfire Hornet Thunderbolt Lightning Scrambler Firebird Rocket Bullet Meteor Constellation Interceptor Commando Dominator Atlas Ranger Fastback Tiger Cub Trophy Blazer Speed Twin Daytona Thunderbird Bonneville Trident

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Canton » Georgia » 30114

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