1976 Honda CR 125
Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Picture of A 1976 Honda CR 125
Thumbnail Image of 1976 Honda CR 125
Thumbnail Image of 1976 Honda CR 125
Thumbnail Image of 1976 Honda CR 125
Thumbnail Image of 1976 Honda CR 125

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Here's More About It:

Many people consider the 1970's to be the heyday of motocross in the USA. There were countless places to race and bike sales and interest in the sport were at their greatest height. Development of engine performance and suspension were improving dramatically during this time period. High performance hop-up shops like DG Performance and the Flying Machine Factory (FMF) were able to develop parts rapidly and create privateer machinery that could compete with the best Works bikes offered by the Japanese manufacturers. This particular 1976 Honda CR125 Elsinore bristles with the innovative ideas that make FMF products the most collectible vintage items sold on Ebay today. The early '74-'75 FMF products seem to appear quite often for sale, but the later '76-'78 FMF parts have become a bit of a unicorn with very few parts ever offered. The '77 FMF Porky Head (This particular head has Don Elmer's name engraved underneath) is larger than the earlier FMF heads and often commands a price close to 1k. The FMF Gorilla Arm swingarm is incredibly light weight and is virtually impossible to find for sale anywhere. Not many of these on any of the FMF type bikes. But this has the original. I personally have only seen 2 on FMF bikes. This is one. The FMF Pro downpipe is in perfect condition and locating a dent-free vintage FMF downpipe is a rare find indeed. This one featured on this bike is the original FMF- Al Baker proto-type that was found in the rafters of the factory. It is a one of one pipe- that began the famous Pro-Pipe production types. It has not been run with no more than 20 seconds of exhaust passing through the pipe. It alone commands a price of 2k. In 1977 Motorcyclist magazine offered a contest where you could enter to win a '77 CR125 Honda with a FMF race kit. The bike featured the famous FMF Porcupine cylinder head and a red FMF Pro downpipe. It was also equipped with a Mikuni carb, an oversized aluminum Gorilla Arm swingarm and a heavy duty clutch. The suspension had trick air shocks in the rear with remote reservoirs that were neatly held into place with billet aluminum brackets. The front suspension featured the famous FMF modified forks with their trick finned coolers welded to the bottom of each fork leg. This bike- unlike other FMF replica's, has the original Moto-Tec high spark CDI ignition with yellow High Tension wire lead. It also features the Destafano Front race fender. It does not feature the old air shocks but instead comes with WORKS Factory Pro rear racing shocks. Also- to offset the red powder coated frame are the N.O.S Gold DID rims with brand new tubes and tires. (With heavy duty spokes trued to beautiful specs) The heavy stock metal OEM tank was replaced with a copy of the Honda Works RC125 gas tank. (I still have the tank- in complete like new condition- no rust.) Finally, a heavy duty FMF 520 chain and sprocket kit would ensure the rear tire kept on roosting. The CR125 Elsinore featured in this auction has some of the best vintage FMF components that can be found. The rest of the machine has undergone a museum quality restoration with several billet aluminum pieces machined and beautiful decals. The motor is fresh with a complete new top end. There is less than 20 seconds on the engine. The entire bike is clean as a whistle inside in out. This machine is a great opportunity for a MX enthusiast to own one a very rare piece of vintage motocross history. Included in the auction is the original July 1977 Motorcyclist magazine that features the FMF Racer and the contest giveaway ballot. The bike comes with a Bill of Sale only, there is no title for this off-road only machine. This machine is different than the one that sold on eBay a couple weeks ago (March 18th) for around 6500.00 Please no dreamers. Any questions please ask. Yamaha, YZ, Kawasaki, KX KDX, MX, Honda, CR, Marty Smith, Tommy Croft, Jimmy Ellis, AHMRA, Vintage MX, Vintage, Suzuki, TM, RM, RMX, Bultaco, KTM, OSSA, Montessa, Penton, Elsinore, FMF, Don Elmer, CZ, Maico, Hussaberg, Husquavana, Hodaka, AMA, Broc Glover, Bob Hannah, Vintage Motorcross, CW, JAWA, Rupp, Indian, Malcom Smith, Rex Stanton, Jimmy Ellis, Daytona, Motorcyclist FMF, Honda, Cam-Am, Flying Machine Factory, Cycle, CR-125M.

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

Lebanon » Pennsylvania » 17042

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