1974 Yamaha YZ 125
Winchendon Massachusetts

Picture of A 1974 Yamaha YZ 125
Thumbnail Image of 1974 Yamaha YZ 125
Thumbnail Image of 1974 Yamaha YZ 125
Thumbnail Image of 1974 Yamaha YZ 125
Thumbnail Image of 1974 Yamaha YZ 125
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Here's More About It:

Here we have a rare 1st model year Yamaha YZ125A. This bike came to me as a nice running, ride able bike but in need of a few missing parts and lots of labor. My intent was to fix it up and race it but medical bills will keep me from that. The frame was glass beaded and painted with a gloss black alkyd Enamel 2 part paint just like the factory (no they didn't powder coat stuff in 74) The top end of the motor was pulled apart an the chrome on the cylinder showed some minor frosting in parts and a few light spots at port opening where it was down to aluminum as a result the cylinder was sent to Power Seal in PA for re-plating. The cylinder head was bead blasted, the combustion chamber polished the secondary plug hole plug was machined down for a nice smooth combustion area. Squish band was checked 0.051 The bottom end was sent out to a machine shop for evaluation and measurements showed in spec. Crank seals were changed as a precaution. The motor was painted with 4 coats of PJ1 gloss Black engine paint (factory Yamaha would have been closer satin) the paint was forced dried in an oven for hard glossy surface that will not come off if gas leaks. The exhaust pipe was cleaned out inside and out. and coated with multiple coats of PJ1 High temp exhaust paint baked on. The Supertrap muffler was repacked. All new (3) Genuine Yamaha NOS cables were fitted the old cables worked fine but were replaced cause of age and unknown prior care. The old cables will come with the bike as spares. The brake pedal was replaced with a later part number unit that had the toe pad cut off and a new weld on flex tips installed. The OEM brake pedal was kept aside as it is rare to find one not bent or replaced with a later part number with bigger toe pad The shifter also got a weld on flex tip added. The stock carburetor was cleaned and painted with new float needle and seat and new jets installed (Note: one float pin station was cracked when the bowl was removed the station was drilled and pined back together then coated with fuel safe epoxy). A new Uni double foam air filter was installed with a new rubber connection to the carb. Note: Gas line has one OEM wire clamp. Both sprockets were replaced with NOS Yamaha units along with a new RK chain the spacer behind the front sprocket was also replaced with a new seal for no leaks. The rear shocks were inspected and found to be leaking however one seal head would no budge so replacement set was sourced and rebuilt. This replacement set has twin springs and 15wt fork/shock oil installed. The OEM units will come with the bike as well incase bike is used as a display. Front forks were cleaned and rebuilt with new seals and dust covers. Note: some crazing in forks chrome plating mostly between the triple tree clamps but some near full compression on the lowers. I doubt they will have any leakage even if bike is raced. OEM handle bars and kick starter had some minor places of worn chrome theses spots were sanded and painted with Chrome paint to keep further corrosion at bay. Both front and rear wheels have new bearings and seal as well as EBC grooved brake shoes. As the bike arrived to me with an altered swing arm for long travel rear suspension a new unaltered swing arm was sourced. New swing arm bushings and swing arm axle as well as NOS swing arm bolt and nut was installed. The altered swing arm will also go with the bike. Gas tank got a NOS cap with the original OEM vent line and hard to find wire clamp and New NOS petcock so no leaks. Gas tank does have a dent on the right side as seen in pictures and a bit of decal missing on the left side. Dent should be easy fix for paint-less dent guy. Both front and rear fenders have some paint damage as one would expect from its age they have not been touched up by me as I planned on racing the bike. Front numberplate on bike is aftermarket unit with homemade brake cable guide, and grommeted throttle cable hole Not installed is a set of NOS OEM Yamaha grips that will go with the bike. So you get the bike as pictured, 3 used oem cables, the oem brake lever, a nos shifter lever, a pair of oem leaky shocks (I will remove oil for shipping) the original swing arm with modified shock mounts added, and a set of NOS grips. I have more pictures if needed. Engine has not been fired carb, has not had gas. Low RESERVE!! BUYER responsible for all shipping cost! There is no title for dirt bike. Forgot to add NOS foot peg springs were installed and safety wired to try an keep them on as they just hook in the ends. Will also include a second set of rings as this uses Cast iron rings due to chrome bore one must use the cast iron rings

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

City » Winchendon

State » Massachusetts

Postal Code » 01475

Country » United States

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