1975 Moto Guzzi Custom Race Bike 992
Arlington, Virginia

Picture of A 1975 Moto Guzzi Custom Race Bike 992
Thumbnail Image of 1975 Moto Guzzi Custom Race Bike 992
Thumbnail Image of 1975 Moto Guzzi Custom Race Bike 992
Thumbnail Image of 1975 Moto Guzzi Custom Race Bike 992
Thumbnail Image of 1975 Moto Guzzi Custom Race Bike 992
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Here's More About It:

For sale, one Moto Guzzi racer. The history behind this bike is hard to describe because we span more than 27 years together. This bike has the frame from a 1975 Moto Guzzi 850-T. The motor started as 949cc small valve motor (from an SP or Convert) with many mods (listed later). You see, this is a bike I built around 1990 to compete in AMA Pro Twins, WERA Vintage and AMA-CCS sprint races. As a roadracer, THIS bike and I won two WERA Vintage 4 and one Vintage 5 titles. As an AMA Pro-Twins racer, it held it's own, even beating World Champion Doug Polen on a Ferracci Ducati at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1991 (ok, he DNF'd, check out the michael tiberio youtube channel for vid of this race, I'm 4th off the line). While my best finish in an AMA Pro-Twins race was 3rd, that was on an earlier version of this bike. This bikes best Pro finish was 6th at Brainerd in 1992. In modern sprint racing, my only title on THIS bike was the 1992 WERA Mid-Atlantic Unlimited Twins Championship. After a year of relaxed racing for no titles (but still winning 4 WERA Vintage races), the bike was sold in January 1994 to a collector. After sitting in heated storage unused for 23 years, I purchased this bike back in March of 2017 and decided to take it Land Speed Record Racing at El Mirage with the SCTA (same folks that do Bonneville). Through a bit of luck and wind, this bike first set an El Mirage record (136.303 MPH) in June, and then I was able to break my own record in July with a 141.693 MPH run. These records were set in the M-PG 1000cc class. That stands for Modified (as in modified production) Pushrod (valve actuation) Gas (not oxygenated) class (no aero or fairings implied). The motor was sealed by the SCTA after I set my first record, and as such does not need to have the heads pulled for record certification for one year. The bike has a number of neat pieces to make it a decent roadracer, and an adequate land speed bike. In no particular order: Carrillo Rods, 90mm Wiseco Pistons by Manfred Hecht of Raceco Brooklyn (with 78mm stroke=992cc). Norris 382 Cam, Big valve conversion together with porting and custom combustion chamber shape by Manfred. This is a used race bike, some cylinder heads fins are bent or chipped. The "fin fenders" bolted to the valve covers are home made by me. Lightened flywheel, Dyna Ignition, 40mm Dell Orto carbs. Custom 2:1 exhaust, started life as a set of headers from a Charlie Rice Rennsport exhaust, and then modified with shortened headpipes and a custom collector and mega by Dr Bob Tolley of Tolectron Industries. This bike sports a standard wide ratio street 5 speed. I found with the torque of this motor, that a CR box produced slower lap times (too much shifting). The running gear similarly has a number of modifications to make it a decent roadracer, further modified to make it a land speed bike. It has low offset Kosman billet triple clamps and custom aluminum stem. They both reduce the wheelbase and increase trail making the bike more nimble and stable at the same time. The forks are a 38mm Marzocchi upgrade with billet forkbrace. Front fender from a "barbie-ceptor" ($10 off if you know what that means). The wheels are period 2.15" x 18" lightweight Borani rims. The bike will come with alternative gearing via different tire diameters, and the 2nd wheel will be OEM cast. As a roadracer I ran either Koni's or Ohlins twin shocks (Ohlins included as spares), for LSR work this summer I had a set of short shocks made by Works Performance (currently on bike). The swingarm is notched and braced for wide tires. As a roadracer, I made use of 3 different thick aluminum torque plates to stiffen the frame, 2 of which were removed (but included) to aid air flow for LSR work. The bike is fitted with a Ducati 900 SS "like" tail section that I got from Syd's Cycle. The polished Aluminum tank was given to me by the US importer, back in the day. Fitted with standard 38mm clipons, and a big 100mm white faced Veglia tach. Besides an on/off toggle switch, the bike is fitted with an SCTA required "dead mans" switch like you would see on most drag racers. For the M-PG class the bike was not fitted with a fairing. During the summer I decided to try for a record in the MPS-PG class (PS=partial streamlining, my best speed, 139.919). The fairing is included. The bike has a friction steering damper which performed well, and a special steering lock reducing (+/-15 degrees) bracket fitted under the steering head. The bike had triple discs and brembos with SS lines all around. The front brakes were removed for LSR work, and will be included. When it was a roadracer, the bike had no stands and used a plug in starter (included). For LSR work I decided on a "gentlemans" racer set up, and installed a side stand, and a starter motor (an external center lift, not shown, is included). The electrical system is total loss with no alternator. The rear axle is hollow and it came to me from the late John Hoffman, a Ducati Guzzi dealer of Athens Gerorgia, I'm told it came from an Endurance Racer built by Reno Leoni. The front axle is also hollowed. The bike will come with 2 rear drive units (7:33 and 8:33) as well as 2 rear wheel/tire assemblies which gives the LSR racer a good selection of gearing, especially when using 4th or 5th as top. The tires were shaved and trued by Nate Jones Tire in Signal Hill. The bike will also come with a great deal of documentation. I have the 2 record certifications from the SCTA I earned this summer, together with copious build notes I made back when I was building the bike in 1990. There are Manfred's head set up sheets, important for setting valve spring pressure, cam timing, etc. The SCTA log book documenting my 6 weekends this year is also included, and any other documents I may find which enhance the value or maintainability of this bike. This bike comes with a Bill Of Sale only, and of course has no warranty expressed or implied. Buyer is responsible for shipping, local pickup is fine. Bike will not be released until funds clear. Bike is currently running, and is ready for another run at El Mirage tomorrow if desired. To prep it for an entire season, I'd take the heads down and have a valve job and new springs put in. The bike as it currently sits is still covered in El Mirage filth, a mixture of oozed oil and the dust from the diatomaceous earth, the fine clay material which paves the dry lake bed. Buy this bike and use it to advertise your hipster clothing line. Here you can buy something that has DONE it, not a hot rod shop replica... More product information here on youtube:MORE PRODUCT INFO

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

Arlington » Virginia » 22204

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