1978 Suzuki PE175 C 175
Geneva, Illinois

Picture of A 1978 Suzuki PE175 C 175
Thumbnail Image of 1978 Suzuki PE175 C 175
Thumbnail Image of 1978 Suzuki PE175 C 175
Thumbnail Image of 1978 Suzuki PE175 C 175
Thumbnail Image of 1978 Suzuki PE175 C 175

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Here's More About It:

Suzuki 1978 PE175 “C” Motorcycle - Vintage Racing “Pure Enduro”! The Bike starts easily and idles with no struggle to maintain RPM! Carburetor was ultrasonically cleaned and blown-out with 150 psi air. Every orifice was cleared using .010” - .025” gage pins! No passage obstructions! Bike includes: New Air Filter and NGK Spark Plug. New Reeds still in package (Boysen) The Uni Air Filter (NU-2430ST) needs to be installed (New in Package) NIP! Includes new EBC Clutch Plates (CK3329) New in Box. I can install for you free of charge or you can install. Your call if you buy. Also includes three (3) new OEM Suzuki Head Gaskets (copper) not installed. Bike was bought from the second owner in northern Illinois in 2001 and been stored in my shop & out of the elements since bought. Never rode it other than about once a year down the street. Tank and fuel system were always drained. Have many other Vintage & newer bikes to ride. This is an exceptionally complete Vintage air cooled beauty with several more cylinder bores to go through! The Airbox has no holes drilled into it! The Airbox is as clean inside as when it was installed by Suzuki in 1978, Nothing! The 1978 PE175C is considered rare and it was the first year produced by Suzuki. Many parts are available and compatible with the PE175. Wikipedia - The 1978 PE175 was based upon an RM Series machine (the RM125) with appropriate alterations. The PE175C was built upon the RM125A frame and 6-speed RM125C components, along with the "A" softer suspension. Lighting and Trip-o-meter were provided courtesy of TS road/trail machines. The exhaust pipe and silencer are in very good condition. The tires are original. The side covers/number plates, front fender and Fuel tank are in good condition. The Head Light works and has a new bulb from Suzuki. Still like new, a new Suzuki OEM Throttle Housing from Suzuki was purchased new in 2003. New throttle cable (OEM Suzuki). New Oil (Suzuki Gear Lube) and Spark Plug (NGK). New grips! Chain and sprockets are in excellent condition. The OEM rear fender is original and includes a new tail light (non-OEM) that was located in Taiwan about 8 years ago. Just installed for this sale. A new Suzuki 1978 PE175 Rear Fender from DC plastics (OEM grade) can still be bought for $60.00 on EBAY. This is a very good candidate for full restoration to mint because it is so complete! You will not have to hunt or try and locate parts. This scenario makes this offering at 95% complete OEM Suzuki. Note: For the sake of History, please don't "part this Bike-out"! The bike can be shipped by numerous methods. There are hundreds of freight forwarders that specialize in transporting motorcycles. You would have to arrange this if you purchase. The Bike can be picked-up in Geneva, Illinois. 6 miles from I-88. 50 miles west from O'Hare A/P. If you need more info call me at 630-885-2639 Cell. Full payment is required in 24 hours through cash or Pay Pal.

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

Geneva » Illinois » 60134

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