2014 KTM 690 Enduro R
Martinsville, Indiana

Picture of A 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R
Thumbnail Image of 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R
Thumbnail Image of 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R
Thumbnail Image of 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R
Thumbnail Image of 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R
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Here's More About It:
Your gain my loss. I bought this excellent condition and like new KTM 2014 690 R in May and have only put 20 miles on it. I just don't have the time to ride. I purchased it from the original owner (who also didn't have time to ride it) and it comes with two sets of wheels. Great deal for someone. Please feel free to call with questions. 765-318-4529 SPECIFICATIONS2014 KTM 690 Enduro RENGINELiquid-cooled SOHC four-stroke singleDISPLACEMENT690ccBORE & STROKE102.0 x 84.5mmSTARTERElectric, automatic decompressorCLAIMED HORSEPOWER66 hpTRANSMISSIONSix-speedCLUTCHWet slipper/hydraulically operatedFRAMETubular space frame, chrome-moly steelFORKWP 4860 D48/26 MASHOCK ABSORBERWP 4618 with Pro‑Lever linkageSUSPENSION TRAVEL FRONT9.8 in.SUSPENSION TRAVEL REAR9.8 in.BRAKE SYSTEM FRONT300mm disc with two-piston brake caliper, floatingBRAKE SYSTEM REAR240mm disc brake with single-piston brake caliper, floatingREAR SUSPENSIONaluminum double-strut swingarm with central spring strut, adjustable preload, bump and rebound dampingSTEERING HEAD ANGLE63ºWHEELBASE59.2 in.GROUND CLEARANCE (UNLOADED)11.0 in.SEAT HEIGHT (UNLOADED)35.8 in.TOTAL FUEL TANK CAPACITY3.2 gal.CLAIMED DRY WEIGHT306 lb.We recently had the opportunity to test a 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R. This was an impression ride since we had limited time with the machine. After riding the “updated” 690 R, we determined that KTM’s phone will be blowing up until they decide to give us one for a more thorough, long-term test. What we thought was nothing more than Bold New Graphics that proved to be much more. There’s a lot of buzz surrounding the ride-by-wire throttle (a cable-free ride-by-wire system for opening the throttle valve electronically with a servo opening and closing the butterfly valve), three available EFI maps with a selector located under the seat, a slipper clutch that allows controlled slip-on deceleration only, and a six-speed gearbox. The 690 R features a switchable ABS system, 67 horsepower, torque that appeals to the off-roader and superb fuel economy.The 2014 model runs on the same basic platform that KTM has used for several years: an LC4, single-cylinder engine, chrome-moly trellis frame, and WP suspension with 10 inches of travel on both ends. Over the years, KTM has made small changes here and there but nothing major. The motor upgrades and ride-by-wire throttle were the first things we noticed when comparing it to the prior model. The throttle has a very smooth twist in both directions. With a cable hooked to a slide or butterfly, you feel the cable pull at the grip—not so with the electric throttle. The motor feels much smoother in its delivery, and more power is available across the entire range. Big singles are known for their throbby power pulses—not so with this motor; it’s incredibly smooth up to about 65 mph. With the stock gearing, the motor was loping along at 4000 rpm at an indicated 55 mph in sixth gear. Grab a handful of throttle and the bike accelerates rapidly, which is impressive for a single. KTM claims the bike pumps out 67 horsepower, which is 20–30 horsepower more than the Japanese and German offerings in this class.Based on last year’s mileage numbers, the KTM can go toe to toe with the BMW 650, with a 60-mpg average, while the KLR650 was in the toilet at the mid 40s. All of that horsepower is great for those hooligan moments on the pavement but can be a real handful in the dirt. Thankfully, our test bike had a set of Pirelli knobbies spooned onto black DID Dirtstar rims. These tires really helped the bike perform in its natural element—off-road exploration. As well as the Pirellis work, though, there’s just no way they can hook up in the dry SoCal dirt when the throttle is twisted a little too fast. A smooth throttle hand is mandatory for any control in the dirt. KTM has three different maps available: normal (the main setting we used), mild and one specifically for bad, low-grade fuel. The clutch pull is incredibly easy, with a far lighter pull than the SX/XC line. It’s a good thing, because this bike is geared tall, requiring a lot of clutch work for slow-going in the dirt. Even after repeated passes in a technical singletrack section for photos, the clutch never gave any hint of giving up—impressive! Having loads of low-end grunt that flowed seamlessly and immediately out of the machine helped keep our left hand from cramping from over use. The fuel-injection mapping is a little on the lean side due to EPA requirements. When the motor was warm, it took a couple stabs of the start button to get things fired back up again. It’s getting pretty bad when a test rider complains about having to “push the start button twice” to get a bike to come to life. How soon we forget about kick-starters and carburetors. The WP upside-down fork has been updated using an open-bath design with single-side function. Compression damping is controlled by the adjuster on the top of one fork leg, while the other leg is in charge of rebound damping. There are 10 inches of very cushy travel at both ends. For highway and dirt two-track exploration, the fork and shock work in a balanced and planted fashion and keep things on the plush side. If you plan to do much singletrack and try to push the speeds to hang with your buddies on their 500 EXCs, you’re in for a wild ride. There just isn’t enough damping control available to handle pushing a 300-pound-plus motorcycle through the whoops. If we get a hold of a 690 Enduro for a long-term test, we know several suspension specialists who would be able to do amazing things for this bike. Even with too-soft suspension settings, the KTM is still 100 percent better than any of its competitors. Handling is another strong point on the 690 when venturing out on those off-road treks. It may be the aura of new-bike love, but we feel the 2014 version actually handles better than last year’s model. On hard-packed singletrack, the bike worked just like the 500 EXC we had along on the test. Sand was the only thing that reminded us we were on a plus-sized dirt bike. As long as we kept the throttle on, driving the front wheel forward, things worked fine, but when we were going slow or chopping the throttle, the front of the bike tended to hunt for lines. The shock felt like it had more damping in it than the forks, which may have had a lot to do with the nose-down attitude on singletrack. We had to keep reminding ourselves that the bike had six miles on the odometer when we hit the start button for the first time. Once the seals and springs settle in after several hours, the suspension can be properly set.The 690’s seat was surprisingly comfortable, and the peg-to-seat height was better than on our 500 EXC, which is pretty amazing considering KTM isn’t known for producing the most comfortable seats in the industry. The saddle foam tends to break down, so owners have flocked to the Seat Concepts design, which offers a skinny front and wider middle to help offset the load and lessen the aggravation. It comes with high-quality Renthal Fat bars, and the Renthal grips are pretty comfortable too. Speaking of seats, the 690’s is long. The fuel tank is under the seat to keep the weight low, and the fuel cap is hidden under a locked cover at the back of the seat. There’s not a lot of room to fit the gas-pump handle in the opening, and you’ve got to go slow or fuel will be going everywhere when it fills up. For the guy who plans to do adventure riding, the gas-cap location can become a bit of a pain, since you’ll have to remove your duffel bag if it’s strapped behind the seat. Tank size is another issue for the adventure rider; it’s only 12 liters (3.17 gallons). We’d like to see the tank hold at least one more gallon, and we’d like to find a way to move the fuel cap to the front of the bike. It’s a lot easier to remove a tank bag than the luggage on the back. There are a few European companies that make “rally kits” that include a fairing and two gas tanks that replace the stock radiator shrouds. Warning: you will get sticker shock if you look them up.Along with the new engine fuel-management electronics package (map switch), KTM included a switchable ABS system on the new model. It can be switched off for off-road use, but this has to be done each time the ignition is switched back on. For riding in the dirt, we would highly recommend turning the ABS off. It can be a handful trying to stop the bike on a loose, rocky downhill. KTM offers a special plug-in dongle for the 690 that has an off-road-specific mode that allows the rider to lock up the rear while the front ABS is still operational. The ABS switch is on the multi-function display that houses the speedo, odometer and trip meter, as well as several other functions. Wind protection is another thing we’d love to see KTM add to the 690. A large percentage of these bikes will be used by riders planning trips on the backcountry adventure routes that are available in Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Washington. To get to the dirt portion of these routes, a lot of superslab needs to be covered, depending on the starting location. A good wind deflector can really cut down on road fatigue. IMPRESSED OR DEPRESSEDBoth, really. This is our idea of a proper adventure machine: one that is totally comfortable in the dirt world yet can chew on pavement with a far better appetite than a plated dirt bike. The power is stunning, the torque factor is off the charts, and the handling side of the machine is balanced and versatile, making it comfortable in both sides of the ADV world. It’s a complete lightweight among adventure bikes, and in the power-to-weight world, it compares nearly head to head with 800cc adventure bikes. Who wants this machine? The guy looking for a little more road-worthiness than an EXC and a dirtier mouth for trails than a full-blown 1190. The KTM 690 Enduro R sits nicely in the middle, both in performance, appeal and price.On Aug-22-19 at 05:10:20 PDT, seller added the following information: This item is located in Frisco NC Not Martinsville IN. Ebay has this wrong.On Aug-22-19 at 05:12:40 PDT, seller added the following information: Item is located In FRISCO NC not Martinsville IN

Where This Motorcycle Is Located

Martinsville » Indiana » 46151

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