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The dirt bike videos which are available now on YouTube or around the internet and on shelves are getting sicker & gnarlier with every filming and if you haven't dropped $30 bucks lately on one of these, you may want to because what began in the 90's on VHS with the freeride videos such as the Crusty Demons of Dirt and Terrafirma series grew quickly into a massive FMX video overtaking that would stop any of us solid in passing so as to watch what was once considered insane heel clickers, whips & saran wraps off natural hits.

After these flicks caught on, there were soon motocross videos being sent out main stream such as TGO or Kick Start which highlight the pains and glory of MX, while the off-road side soon had off-road videos such as "Last Man Standing" and the "Erzberg Rodeo" that was leaving the off-road bunch in awe as even the current off-road videos which might have been thought of as lame are now making the earliest dirt bike videos seem dull.

Now, within the most current motorcycle videos, they've included the riders lifestyles, partying and carnage while dishing up a nice spread of moto along with FMX, free riding and off-road challenges like the endurocross all the way to the unimaginably sweet trail in Romania at the Red Bull Romaniacs event.

If you have'nt yet seen a recently published dirt bike video, you're missing out. so check out the dope MOTO 3 trailer below for a shot of one of the best Motocross films!!

Check out this Moto 3 Trailer

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