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Within the Motorcycles Listed Below you'll find several different categories of street legal to full race dirt bikes for sale categorized by manufacturer and condition. Some of these range from cheap to high dollar and within each category you'll find that we've been working to separate the new and used dirt bikes being offered in an effort to help you find what you're looking for. Most of these motorcycles are intended for, or could be used for motocross applications or converted into woods bikes for trail riding, or racing off-road disciplines such as GNCC Racing, Enduro's, Hare Scrambles and the like.

Some of the other dirt bikes listed here, as well as in our Classifieds could be used on and off-road for dual purpose applications, while some are just the right size to be used for pit bike applications or for younger riders, or other kids to start out on (including Pee-Wee bikes).

If You're Just Getting Started Around Dirt Bikes...
Dirt Bike Safety is Paramount

There's nothing like seeing someone whom hasn't ridden much (if any) run out and buy one of the baddest, meanest dirt bikes and take it to the track thinking they're an instant star only to find themselves getting wadded up.

If you're new to dirt bikes (you don't even have to admit it), do us all a favor and take a trip by the page regarding dirt bike safety to make sure you have all the proper safety equipment, as well as picking up on a few tips while you're over there that should keep you relatively safe until you figure out that a 100 foot triple is not quite as easy to clear as it looks on TV.

Expert Advice Regarding Any Used Dirt Bike

If you're interested in any of the used dirt bikes that are being offered on the internet, you may want to check out the page elsewhere for tips on buying a used dirt bike before shelling out any cash, as the page highlights some questions which you should ask the seller, as well as things you should check if the dirt bike is close enough to go check out in person before buying it, this way you don't end up with some roach that's been ragged on and will likely need a lot of work, or that parts are in an almost endless need of.

Tips on Shopping for New Dirt Bikes

If you've been shopping for new dirt bikes and have been reading magazine reviews and / or bike tests / shootouts performed by Transworld Motocross (TWMX), Motocross Action (MXA) or any of the other publications such as Dirt Bike and have either decided on a particular model, and are looking for it at the sweetest deal possible, or you've already bought a new motorcycle, or are likely going to (Hence the reason you're here) you may want to check out the page elsewhere for tips on what you can do to make a new dirt bike perform better and last longer straight out of the crate, or off the dealership floor.

Don't Forget About Setting the Dirt Bike Up Properly

Whether you find yourself with a new or used dirt bike, one of the most important things anyone can do is to get the motorcycle setup correctly for the rider that will be piloting it.

Most modern dirt bikes have a multitude of adjustability to suit the rider and conditions, or disciplines which the motorcycle will be being used within and we do cover getting the baseline settings established so you'll have a starting point for tuning a modern motorcycle's suspension.

If you're dealing with an older bike without much adjustability, there are still customizations which can be made such as handlebar and control lever positioning and and there are some excellent tips on all of this on the page covering the setup of a motorcycle's controls.

Once you've landed a new (or a "new to you" used) ride, it's important to remember that routine dirt bike maintenance is critical, and it's the only way to keep a dirt bike performing at it's best.

Fortunately, (for you) the page covering dirt bike maintenance provides an excellent resource of technical articles that will keep a dirt bike in it's best possible condition, and should be a must see for anyone wanting to keep their ride performing at it's best.

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