The Electric Motorcycle
is Now A Competitive Natured Electric Dirt Bike

The electric motorcycle is growing in popularity around the off-road motorcycling communities and the performance potential of the electric dirt bikes are seeming to be rather impressive so we thought we'd provide an introduction to the rise of popularity surrounding the electric motorcycles.

With announcement of the KTM Freeride Electric Dirt Bike, it seems that the expansion of a battery powered dirt bike is commanding attention so we're certainly looking forward to slinging a leg over one of these at our first opportunity.

The electric motocross bikes created by the top manufacturers such as ZERO and KTM are being developed to emerge as a durable and competitive machine capable of standing up to the abuse that a motocross track, or off-road course can dish out and it's likely not going to be long before you see more and more electric motorcycles turning up at a motocross track or riding spot which you may frequent and when we hit that point, it's certainly not going to be long before you're pulling a tear-off to see what just flew past you, seeing that some of these barely tip the scales over 150lbs and turn out 30HP, and get this... ZERO is claiming their electric dirt bike can last for 2 hours on a single charge.

Sounds like the batteries may outlast my friends and I on a woods loop!!
(Editor ~ Your Adrenaline Fix)

The ZERO Electric Motorcycle On A Motocross Track

A Preview of the KTM Freeride Electric Dirt Bike

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