A Motocross Gear Bag Alternative

Riding or Racing Motocross, Off-Road disciplines, trail riding, or gassing it off the ramps usually entails a lot of protective gear stuffed into a gear bag which after a while, begins to develop an odor that'll back you away at 1st reach for the zipper. The problem is, conventional gear bags are hard to clean and keep fresh and we knew there had to be a better way, and there is. A Plastic Tote.

If you've been riding for a while, you're likely aware of the convenience that a gear bag provides. If you haven't been riding long, you'll quickly figure out that using something to keep all your riding gear together is a much simpler affair than throwing it in the truck piece by piece, but unfortunately, conventional gear bags tend to get looking ragged in short time, as well as they allow the contents to get wet when it starts raining, so we found a much better alternative which even rolls easily across irregular terrain.

Plastic Tote With Wheels and Locking Lid For roughly $30.00 at home improvement stores you can find a better and easier to pack alternative to a conventional gear bag by using a plastic tote like this, as these easily store all of one's riding gear, and can sit outside through an unplanned down pour while keeping all the contents inside high and dry.

What are The Benefits of Using A Plastic Tote?

  • They're super clean and simple.
  • They're easy to see into and find what you're looking for.
  • They're easier to clean than conventional gear bags. (Just turn the tote upside down and hose it out if need be)
  • They're good for tossing small parts, or keys into at the last second for "Secure Keeping" until you get back from a ride.
  • Contents stay dry in the rain, such as when it starts raining overnight at a race. (Tub is complete with no areas to allow water / rain entry.)
  • Lid Snaps on Securely. (Interstate travel and wind is not a problem.)
  • Lid is sturdy enough to serve as a table for tools, laptops, lunch, parts or drinks. (This is NOT part of the design... It just works)
  • Rugged Six inch wheels spaced 11 inches apart which allows this thing to be drug through everything imaginable without giving your wrist a work out, just to keep it upright.
  • A large, comfortable handle at each end for lifting, maneuvering or securing the tote for travel.

Bottom line is that one of these plastic tote's can easily, and favourably replace the sagging, wore out and smelling gear bag that you're packing it all into now. For Example, A tote loaded with a helmet, neck brace, a couple pairs of goggles, a jersey, a full size, hard shelled roost guard, including pants and gloves, along with one pair of knee braces, a hydration system and one pair of adult sized Alpinestars Boots, there is still plenty of room for additional riding gear, or extras such as drinks, or snacks and the like within.

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