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Below you'll find 7 used Husqvarna dirt bikes for sale, as well as these are on our Husqvarna Motorcycle Classifieds which we've setup for you, where you can also enjoy a simple UI which allows you to easily sell your motorcycle here.

The dirt bikes listed below include the popular Husky CR's, TE's, TXC's, & WR's which may be suitable for an experienced or novice rider, however if you're unfamiliar with the selections and displacements, or what to look for on a used dirt bike, here's a guide to purchasing any used dirt bike.

7 Current Listings
$1425.00Picture of A 1987 Husqvarna
Bid Count: 28
Time Remaining:
$4650.00Picture of A 2017 Husqvarna tc250
2017 Husqvarna TC250
Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Bid Count: 39
Time Remaining:
18H 27M 40S
$2255.00Picture of A 2006 Husqvarna
Bid Count: 24
Time Remaining:
1D 1H 30M 13S
$3600.00Picture of A 2014 Husqvarna TR650
Bid Count: 0
Time Remaining:
3D 23H 51M 17S
$9400.00Picture of A 2017 Husqvarna  701
Bid Count: 12
Time Remaining:
4D 10H 12M 53S
$4500.00Picture of A 2014 Husqvarna fc250
Time Remaining:
6D 2H 57M 34S
$6800.00Picture of A 2007 Husqvarna  450
Time Remaining:
13D 9H 53M 8S

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Picture of A 1986 Husqvarna WR250

1986 Husqvarna WR250
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Picture of A 2014 KTM SXF 350

2014 KTM SXF 350
Seaville, New Jersey


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