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Kyle Loza's Bike Flip Attempt & Crash

A freestyle motocross trick unbeknownst to many going into the 2011 Monster Cup was Kyle Loza's "Bike Flip" which is where Kyle flips the bike in front of himself, vs him flipping apart from the bike which is different than his first shot at taking FMX to another level with his insanely sick "Electric Doom" which Kyle previously used to win X-Games Gold.

Fast forward to 2011 and Kyle is upping the ante once again, as during his run in the FMX comps at the 2011 Monster Cup in Las Vegas Nevada, Kyle threw down a solid attempt at his nearly mastered "Bike Flip", although during Kyle's run the bike began to "Tail Whip" away from him, and as soon as he knew his foot wasn't going across the seat to pull the bike back under himself, Kyle bailed with a graceful crash which temporarily landed him on his feet, followed by him pivoting off his helmet & neck brace, ultimately landing him back on his feet.

Kyle Loza's Bike Flip Crash

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