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Mad Skills Motocross is one of the best, challenging and exciting motocross games currently being offered and the game is somewhat similar to the old Nintendo Excitebike but the similarity is really only in the concept of a side scrolling game, as this dirt bike game / motocross game allows players to huck huge, realistically styled jumps and throw back flips & front flips across the gaps along the way, but that's only a couple tricks and doesn't take into consideration the available powerups, or the ability to double double or triple double sections and blitz whoops.

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In the demo, you'll be airing out some nice gaps and playing several challenging tracks, but when you step up to the full version, you'll gain an editor that you can use to create custom tracks, jumps & obstacles, along with 50+ tracks which get progressively more difficult, then consider the realistic physics which are very similar to what someone would experience on a bike such as the way the suspension of the bike will compress and rebound, or the way the bike will bounce off of a landing when you come up short or crash.

Throw in the available "Power Ups", replays after a race, cool background tunes with some creative scenery & a multiplayer upgrade which is in it's development stages, and Mad Skills Motocross really shows it's worth in the world of dirt bike games.

Rag Dollin' & Breaking Parts... A Motocross game without a means of punishing your guy with epic crashes wouldn't seem right, and as you'll see in the video below, if you're airing your dude out across the gaps and you don't put it down right, (or you flat ground it) you'll likely witness a gnarly crash that'll ragdoll the rider, and wreak havoc on the bike with broken wheels and the such but that's not all, as you'll likely find yourself casing jumps, looping out on the gas between jumps or in the whoops and in some cases, over the bars like a lawn dart.

How's This For Some Punishing Game Crashes?

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