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Quality motocross goggles are imperative for any off-road motorcyclist's eye protection, and this is true whether you're trail riding, practicing solo at a track or hucking gnarly gaps. Furthermore, the need for quality, purpose built goggles becomes even more important if you're racing or riding with others, and as such we'll go over some of the points you should consider when shopping for goggles.

Riding without goggles and only using sun, or safety glasses is not recommended or wise, as riding a motorcycle off road can easily cause an eye injury due to an unseen branch, or from flying roost which may be carrying mud, rocks and sand, all of which can easily get past a pair of glasses, not to mention the inability of safety or sunglasses to filter small airborne particles and dust that are often irritant, and potentially harmful to a rider's eyes.

When Shopping for Motocross Goggles Online... It's often difficult to make a decision you feel good about without being able to feel how a particular set of goggles fits your face. However, you can rest assured that a majority of goggles will comfortably conform to most rider's faces, although it is advisable to consider other rider's opinions of a particular goggle, and ensure that the goggle has, or can accommodate the following features;

  • Tear-Off Posts
  • Ample Ventilation Ports
  • Easily Replaceable / Interchangeable Lens
  • Lens that are Anti-Fog and Scratch Resistant
For Riders With Prescription Eyewear
  • A Frame That Fits Over Prescription Glasses (OTG)

Other Goggle Accessories To Consider

In addition to motocross goggles, you'll also want to get hooked up with a few common goggle accessories that most riders rely upon on a regular basis, as climate and riding conditions often change daily, if not hourly from one track or riding spot to another, so tear off's with a clear lens may prove indispensable if there's shadows and mud present, and conversely, a darkened lens may be beneficial on the days the sun is shining intensely on a dry track.

  • Tear Off's
    If you're not familiar with using Tear Off's, you'll want to quickly become familiar with these, as tear offs are an inexpensive, thin disposable film which covers the goggle lens, and can provide a clear field of vision in an instant which is nice when you suddenly get a face full of wet roost.

Bonus Tip When Using Tear Off's... Be advised that using more than 5 or 6 tear-off's on a set of goggles usually results in a clouded field of vision due to the multiple layers over the lens. This clouding is often unavoidable when using a large number of tear offs, so if a course has wet and sloppy areas as off-road races such as GNCC's and hare scrambles or enduro's often do, it's best to load more than one set of goggles with tear off's, this way, if necessary you can swap goggles with your pit crew during a fuel stop or mid race. Otherwise your field of vision may be obscured, which is not the best, nor safest way to be riding.

  • Roll Off's are an alternative to tear off's, although roll-off's are not as widely used as tear off's due to the system required to use these and their design often not fitting as wide of range of goggles as tear off's do, nor do roll off's restore the full viewing area of the goggles with each "pull", so for that reason alone, we won't recommend roll off's, as tear off's are a much better alternative, and are much more widely accepted among goggle manufacturers, as well as a majority of racers, and recreational riders alike prefer tear-off's over roll-off's for their reliable simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Replacement Goggle Lenses are another goggle accessory that should be in your gear bag, this way should a lens become scratched you can quickly swap it out, as well as having replacement lenses allows you to swap a clear lens for a shaded on a bright day, and vice versa for a cloudy, overcast or rainy day while still retaining your favorite goggle frame.

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