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The Tennessee Knockout Enduro is Bringing Extreme Enduros to America

The Tennessee Knockout Enduro truly is an American version of an Extreme Enduro, and the race does an excellent job of weeding out the wimps & those whom haven't adequately prepared early on, as this TKO event as it's known brings out off-road motorcycling's fiercest competitors, while allowing excellent spectator access to a course laid out across man made, and natural terrain with challenges similar to the long departed Red Bull Last Man Standing.

This extremely hard enduro devised by EnduroCross founder Eric Peronnard is held annually at the Trials Training Center and Off-Road Motorcycle Recreation area near Chattanooga Tennessee, and is laid out as a never ending Outdoor Endurocross, with single track tying it all together, and has proven to test riders, and their machines to their limits with gnarly man made & natural terrain sections which challenge Amateurs and Pro's alike.

For 2017, The Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro will be held
August 12th and 13th at the Trials Training Center located at:
300 Woodland Road,
Sequatchie, Tennessee 37374

Highlights From the 2016 Tennessee Knockout

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